Our goal is to restore and maintain the natural processes that create and protect a 
unfragmented landscape to support a diverse, flourishing community of
plant and animal life in our borderlands region.
             Together, we will accomplish this by working to encourage profitable ranching 
and other traditional livelihoods, which will sustain the open space nature of
our land for generations to come.




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In July of 2010 the Board of Directors of the Malpai Borderlands Group voted to establish a scholarship fund, in the memory of former Malpai Board Member Rob Krentz, to assist worthy high school graduates in the Malpai Borderlands region with furthering their education.

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Following are links to past issues of the 
Malpai Borderlands Group Newsletters 
from 1994 to the present year. 
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Edward Elbrock



Edward Elbrock, Immediate Past Chairman of the Board of the Malpai Borderlands Group, passed away on October 27, 2016.  Edward was a beloved member of the ranching community and owned four area businesses that served local ranchers and farmers.

Edward's early involvement in the Malpai Borderlands Group helped lend credibility to the effort at a time when it was really needed.  He was one of the first "Grassbankers", exchanging a conservation easement on his ranch for the opportunity to completely rest his pastures from grazing by moving his cattle on to a "Grassbank".  At the time it was a bold and controversial move.  Edward never expressed any regrets about his decision and was proud of having permanently protected his ranch from development.

The Malpai Borderlands Group was served by Edward Elbrock in many ways.  For six years, he was Chairman of the Board of Directors, retiring in March of this year.  In 2002, Edward took the first step in an exchange program between Maasai herdsmen in East Africa and ranchers in the Malpai Borderlands by going to Tanzania to help with conservation planning and to repair earthen dams.  He also served as Malpai's representative on the Environmental Good Neighbor Board which addressed conservation issues along the U.S./Mexico border.

Besides his involvement with Malpai, Edward served on the Animas School Board, the Farm Services Agency Committee, and he chaired the Columbus Electric Cooperative.  To sum up, he was a man of action and his actions on behalf of the efforts of the Malpai Borderlands Group will be long remembered and appreciated.


We are a grassroots, landowner-driven nonprofit organization attempting to implement ecosystem management on nearly one million acres of virtually unfragmented open-space landscape in southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico.

The Malpai Borderlands area includes the San Bernardino Valley, the Peloncillo Mountains, the Animas Valley and the Animas Mountains. It is roughly pyramid shaped, with the base of the pyramid beginning just east of Douglas, Arizona along the Mexican Border to just west of Antelope Wells, New Mexico. The apex is just south of Animas, New Mexico.

With elevations ranging from 3500 to 8500 feet, the Malpai is a diverse area of mountains, canyons, valleys and riparian corridors. Several rare, threatened, and endangered plant and animal species are found here. It is the only place in the U.S. where Gould's turkey and white-sided jackrabbits occur naturally. It is also home to popular big-game species such as Coues deer, mule deer, pronghorn and Desert Bighorn sheep.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of this huge landscape is that fewer than 100 human families reside on it. Many of the families who live here have been here for generations. Except for two small wildlife preserves, this is cattle ranching country. As ranchers, we have been concerned about a key resource we depend on for our livelihoods and way of life - the diminishing quality of grasslands for grazing. Fragmentation of the landscape, beginning with the subdivision of some ranches in our area, has also been a looming threat.

We formed a nonprofit organization to bring ranchers, scientists, and key agencies together, and today the Malpai Borderlands Group now carries out a series of conservation programs and activities, including land restoration; endangered species habitat protection; cost-sharing range and ranch improvements; and land conservation projects.

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